Planning Your Wedding Photography

Photos taken on your wedding day will become one of your most prized possessions. It is a day you cannot relive! That's why it is so important to take your time and plan ahead. You must start thinking about the wedding photos you would like to have taken on your big day.

Here is a list to help you plan your wedding photography.

  1. Select your photographer
    Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the more important items on this list. Find someone that you can relate with, and someone with whom you can communicate easily. It's also important that you can stand to be around them, because the wedding photographer is very much going to be in all your business on the day of your wedding. A good wedding photographer will do more than just show up though. They will communicate with your wedding coordinator, if you have one, as well as provide invaluable insight on what you can try to avoid to make your wedding day everything you want it to be. After all, your wedding photographer has likely been to plenty of weddings, and seen some interesting events unfold.

  2. Ask your married friends to see their wedding photos to get some ideas
    This doesn't mean copy what they did. Be creative, get inspired, and then be original! You want to get some photos that will make your friends ooh and ahh.   If you don't have any newlywed friends, just check Pinterest for some creative ideas!

  3. Communicate your list of "Must Have" photos with your photographer
    If you don't tell them, they can only guess. It's their job to capture your special day, but most photographers that excel with photography struggle with reading minds. If your list of Must Have photos requires explanation, they will appreciate you over communicating your expectations.

  4. Consider your family members, as well as your future in-laws
    Who do you absolutely want to include in your photos? Try to prevent coming away from your wedding feeling like you wish you and your favorite aunt had a special moment captured.

Your wedding photographer is there to make your day as memorable as it should be, but the responsibility of communication and planning falls largely on you. A good wedding photographer will do everything in their power to capture the special moments on your wedding day, so please do everything you can to communicate your ideal wedding day to them. Not everyone has the same idea of what a perfect wedding should like like, or how it should be photographed.

A few additional questions to ask your potential wedding photographer:

  1. What is the contingency plan if the photographer is sick or unable to make it to your wedding? Photographers have families just like everyone else, and life happens. Sickness and deaths in the family are unavoidable so it's important that you plan a "worst case scenario" for your wedding day photography.

  2. Does your photographer have back-up equipment? In other words, if they show up and their camera won't fire... do they have an appropriate back-up or will they be snapping your wedding photos on their iphone? (joking)

  3. Does the photographer offer a second shooter? Since they cannot be in more than one place at the same time it's inevitable that they might only get certain angles of special moments. Having a second shooter can be invaluable, but might only cost you a little more out of pocket.

  4. Don't forget to ask about your photographers availability leading up to the wedding day. If you have a complicated ceremony it can be greatly beneficial to have your photographer attend the rehearsal. Not all photographers are willing to attend more than just the wedding day and reception - so make sure you ask!